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Queso Tierno

Queso de Oveja Tierno Etiqueta Azul Pago

Project Info

Project Description

Cheese: Tierno
Label: Blue


Made from 100% raw sheep milk.

In keeping with our wish to develop new products, we are now producing a new type of cheese, a “SOFT CHEESE” made with raw sheep milk that has been matured for just 15 days, resulting in a product with a pleasant, clean and light sheep cheese taste and a firm yet fragile texture that is easy to eat.

We are able to produce this cheese using raw milk thanks to the fact that it comes from our own farm and is subjected to rigorous controls by our veterinarians and the government authorities of the region of Castilla y Le�n, allowing us to fully guarantee the health standards of the final product.

This cheese has a thin, smooth rind. It cuts cleanly, with little resistance, and is a white milky colour, with occasional mechanical holes occurring irregularly throughout. The texture is moist and elastic, with a slight hint of fattiness. It has a fresh milky flavour that does not feel hard in the mouth, yet is quite firm and dissolves easily, with a long lasting aftertaste that makes you want to go back for more.


Cincho Oro 2016World Cheese Awards Bronze 2010


Large size:
Approximate weight: 3 kg per unit.
Colour: Milky white
Packaging: 2-unit box.

Small size:
Approximate weight: 1 Kg
Colour: Milky white
Embalajes: Packaging: 6-unit box.