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Queso curado

Queso de Oveja Curado Etiqueta Negra Pago

Project Info

Project Description

Cheese: Curado
Label: Black


Made with 100% raw sheep milk.

This cheese has a firm consistency and a hard, smooth natural rind. When cut, the cheese is a uniform ivory-white colour, without any darkening near the rind, and with occasional mechanical holes. It has a firm yet melt-in-the-mouth consistency, with the appearance of a young cheese and the intense and elegant flavour of one that has been matured for a long time. It has a sheepy flavour, clearly reflecting its origin, with a long-lasting and persistent aftertaste on the palate.

Curing period:

From 6 to 8 months.


World Cheese Awards Bronze 2021-2022 World Cheese Awards Silver 2021-2022 World Cheese Awards Gold 2018-2019 World Cheese Awards Gold 2017-2018 Global Cheese Awards: Best Continental Cheese Global Cheese Awards 2017. Queso de oveja de pasta dura Global Cheese Awards 2017. Mejor queso continental de pasta dura Global Cheese Awards 2017. Categoría: Mejor queso español Global Cheese Awards 2017: Category: Artisan cheeses 100% sheep's milk World Cheese Awards Silver 2016-2017 World Cheese Awards Supergold 2015-2016 Gourmet quesos 2015: VI Cameponato Mejores Quesos España World Cheese Awards Gold 2013 World Cheese Awards Bronze 2012 World Cheese Awards Bronze 2011 World Cheese Awards Silver 2010 Cincho Plata 2008

Large size:
Approximate weight: 3.2 kg per unit.
Colour: Natural
Packaging: 2-unit box.

Small size:
Approximate weight: 1 kg.
Colour: Natural
Packaging: 6-unit box.