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Tierra de Sabor - Queso Castellano
Pago Los Vivales


Pago Los Vivales

Pago "Los Vivales" is a farm with 120,000 m2 located at the northwest of Castilla y León (Spain) in the town of Coreses province of Zamora.

Our 3,000 sheep produce milk that is continuously selected to ensure the best possible product quality.


Feed is produced at the farm itself, using barley, alfalfa, corn, soya and straw, with all these products undergoing checks to ensure their quality.

Different mixtures are made to ensure the best possible balance, depending on the animal’s stage of gestation and development.


Feed hoppers are always full, ensuring the sheep are calm and relaxed, and this translates into "animal welfare".


Our own veterinary team thoroughly monitors the health of our livestock as part of a strict healthcare programme, guaranteeing the quality of the milk produced.

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FINCA PAGO "LOS VIVALES" - 49.530 Coreses (Zamora) | Spain
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